Portland Precision Engineering has been providing maintenance & repair services for the Road Transport industry for nearly 30 years including trailer structural and mechanical repairs and more recently moving into prime mover maintenance and repair.

In 2013 we expanded our Road Transport services to include design and manufacturing of specialty transport bins for wood chip hauling and discharge. These bins are designed to be used on skeletal trailers offering transport operators flexibility in the use of their assets.
Our wood chip transport bins are designed for "tip-through" discharge and feature our innovative transition shroud system which eliminates the need for a sliding turntable between the trailers. This system provides for a significantly safer, faster and more reliable discharge process of the bins.

We provide customised products and services for our clients including trailer modifications & conversions and specialty bin design & manufacture.

Best of all, we stand behind our products and services with "no-hassle" support 24/7. We are local to our clients and respond quickly to their maintenance and repair needs fast, ensuring that their assets maximize time on the road.

In 2011 Portland Precision Engineering was chosen by Ca.Tec Pty Ltd to be the sole provider of Research and Development, Prototype, Tooling Fabrication, Labour Hire and Managerial services. Ca.Tec Pty Ltd manufactures and distributes innovative and patented disc brake Caliper Support Systems for the Heavy Transport industry.

Prototype development and fabrication
        Design support
        Tool construction
        Labour hire for fabrication

Plant and Equipment construction
       M&E Procurement
        Plant fit-out
        Office construction

Market development
        Trade show planning/execution
        Marketing plan development/execution
            Key messages
            Product brochures
            Website development
        Prospect communications and follow-up

Road Transport

        Securing of grants
        Raising of capital
            Shareholder communication
        Cash flow management

        Distribution Agreement
        Production Launch