South West Fibre

Portland Precision Engineering has nearly 30 years of experience servicing the Industrial sector in Southwest Victoria.


Key clients and projects include:

Koppers – Terminal management and maintenance

Overall management of terminal at Port of Portland

  • Performing preventative maintenance
  • Recording of operations data
  • Liaising with Alcoa Australia and Portland Smelter Services
  • Controlling access to terminal
  • Maintaining spare parts stores
  • Managing on-site contractors
  • Managing administration of accounts
  • Maintaining physical plant and grounds
  • Managing vessel discharge activity
  • Maintaining a 24 hour on-call telephone service

Incitec Pivot – Planned maintenance and urgent repairs

Uptime responsibility for the following equipment:

  • Mixer
  • Den (moving floor oven)
  • Den cutters
  • Noddy drum
  • Screens

On-call 24/7 for urgent repairs

Routine maintenance 1-2 days fortnightly

Annual 2 week shutdown; two 12 hour shifts

Portland Aluminium (Alcoa)

Spare parts under contract

Repair/reconditioning of equipment

Fabrication of specialised plant & equipment

South West Fibre

Design engineering services

Maintenance and repair of wood chip facility

Repair/reconditioning of equipment

Spare parts under contract

Midway Ltd - Geelong Port

Maintenance and repair of wood chip facility


Shutdown maintenance programs

Capital works projects

Labour hire of qualified Fitter/Machinist for shift work

Impact Fertilisers
Facility repairs & refurbishment

Veolia Environmental

Equipment repairs & refurbishment

Vehicle and equipment service

C3 Australia

Harvesting equipment repairs

Cylinder refurbishment and fabrication

Supply of transportable chip bins

Truck and Trailer Inspections & Service

Mibus Brothers

Equipment repairs

Machining work

Trailer modifications

Wannon Water

Infrastructure repairs & service

Equipment inspections & service

Port of ​Portland

Incitec Pivot

Portland Aluminium