Portland Precision Engineering is an expert resource for Industrial, Timber/Fibre, Road Transport, Marine and Wind Energy field maintenance & repair. With over 30 years of experience in shutdown maintenance and on-site repairs, we provide you with peace of mind due to our history of quality, efficiency and safety.

We are outage/downtime specialists, and are "go to company" for critical time-dependent jobs. We offer "call-out" coverage on a 24/7 basis to several clients. Portland Precision Engineering can help your company reduce maintenance tear down, transportation, and re-installation costs. 

We offer a wide range of services at our location or yours. Our diagnostic and mechanical expertise can assist you with any mechanical challenge. Portland Precision tradesmen have decades of maintenance & repair experience in several areas including: structural steel, sheet metal, pipes, pumps, engines, boilers, heat exchangers, hydraulics, pneumatics and drive trains. For our marine and industrial clients, please note that our entire trades team is qualified in confined space entry and work.  

We can provide a quotation for any of your service, maintenance or repair needs including labour hire. Portland Precision Engineering has years of experience planning and executing major shutdown maintenance projects. Through proper scheduling, resourcing, risk assessment and contingency planning, we can help you complete you maintenance project on time and within budget. We have demonstrated this capability for decades.

Whether it is through preventative maintenance or urgent repairs, it is our mission at Portland Precision Engineering to deliver MAXIMUM UPTIME to our clients.

  • Preventative Maintenance/Service
  • On-call/Urgent
  • Shutdown Planning
  • Shutdown Management
  • Inspection/Audit                       
  • Labour Hire

Maintenance & Repair

  • Machinery & Equipment Repair
  • Component Refurbishment
  • Replacement Part Fabrication
  • Engine Service & Maintenance
  • Drivetrain Service & Maintenance
  • Structural Steel & Pipework