Portland Precision Engineering has extended their experience to include Timber/Fibre processing maintenance, Road Transport engineering and maintenance as well as Wind Energy maintenance.

In 2011 Portland Precision Engineering was chosen by Ca.Tec Pty Ltd to be the sole provider of Research and Development, Prototype, Fabrication, Labour Hire and Managerial services.  Ca.Tec Pty Ltd manufactures and distributes innovative disc brake components for the Heavy Transport industry.

In 2012 PFM added CAD and Product Development capabilities resulting in the ability to offer a full portfolio of custom design and manufacturing services to its clientele.



About Us                                                      Portland Precision Engineering Maintenance & Repair Professionals

Portland Precision Engineering was established in 1987 as Portland Fleet Maintenance.  The company was formed primarily to service the Fishing Industry and Port Facilities.  As the company grew, its services extended to local industries including aluminium, fertiliser, timber, fishing, and the larger shipping trade.
In April 2010, Portland Precision Engineering acquired Portland Fleet Maintenance with the intent to broaden both the offering of services as well as sectors served. Today, Portland Precision Engineering is a full-service provider of Engineering and Maintenance services to a broad range of business sectors
In addition to Marine Engineering and ship repair, Portland Precision Engineering continues to service the Southwest Victorian Manufacturing and Industrial sectors.  

Our mission at Portland Precision Engineering is to serve Southwest Victoria's Industrial, Marine, Road Transport and Wind Energy Industries with:

  • Superior customer RESPONSIVENESS
  • Highest QUALITY product and services                   
  • Best VALUE for money, and
  • Unparalleled design INNOVATION                 

We operate at all times within our core values of:  


Established in 2009, Portland Precision Engineering has earned an outstanding reputation in the Southwest Victorian Engineering and Maintenance markets for consistently serving its clients with Responsiveness, Quality, Value and Innovation. We are a full-service company with Design & Engineering, Fabrication and Maintenance & Repair capabilities.

The Portland Precision workforce consists of trade certified Mechanical Fitters, Machinists, Boilermakers, Mechanics, Apprentices and Trades Assistants. We also employ Crane Operators, Riggers, and Plant & Equipment Operators. Also on staff are a Mechanical  Engineer with AutoCAD proficiency and a Project Coordinator.

Portland Precision Engineering are critical to the regions industrial base providing preventive maintenance and urgent repairs to Facilities, Machinery, Equipment and Mobile Plant across several sectors including Timber/Fibre, Road Transport, Aluminium, Fertilizer, Wind Energy and Food Production.

Located just blocks away from the Port of Portland, Portland Precision Engineering are experts in the Timber/Fibre sector with extensive experience providing maintenance & repair and solution design and fabrication services for both timber processing (harvesting and chipping) and road transport operators (trailers and transport bins).

Whether it is Design & Engineering, Fabrication & Installation, Preventative Maintenance or Emergency Repairs, we at Portland Precision Engineering pride ourselves in consistently delivering Maximum Uptime to our clients on a 24/7 basis.